Mixed media paintings from early 2020-present

Throughout my time in school, I learned that mark making and scribbling in class helps to focus my attention. 

Painting and drawing serves as a way to focus my mind, and is also an outlet to cope with my worsening anxiety. Having an anxious mind clouds my perspective of reality, and it is through the act of producing hand-made work that I can reach a sense of mental clarity. 

The non-objective shapes and patterns in the paintings are taken from the anxious doodles I have been scribbling in notebooks for years, and it is only now that I am actively referring to them. Vivid colors are implemented in the work to create visual interest as well as to generate an overall bright mood. I use my anxiety as fuel to generate pieces that are a semblance to what I wish I felt like. I want to surround myself with bright, cheerful paintings to outweigh the sorrow and self-doubt I feel inside

 © 2019 Anna Galluzzi

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Anna Galluzzi