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Visual Diary 

Mixed media paintings made in June-July of 2019

Visual Diary functions as a way to return to my creative center while also expressing inner turmoil. The inspiration for this work originates from participating in a sumi ink workshop by Nishiki Sugawara-Beda. I enjoyed the release of control that ink and water forced upon me and felt it necessary to investigate why. Water is a central element to each piece in that it forces me to relinquish control and loosen up. 

 The colorful inks applied are limited to the boundaries the water creates, similar to how we are all stuck existing in some kind of boundary whether that be patriarchal norms, political policy or the laws of nature. I use cheerful colors such as pink and yellow to create a facade to hide the unrest within the compositions that are a reflection of my mental state. 

Creating a “code” of imagery to embed into each piece makes the series feel like a visual diary that only I can read. Exploring what feels right and developing work without judgement has led to creations that mirror the uncertainty and melancholy I experience daily.

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